Part 2 (Women and Work)




Women and Work, 1975


Women and Work was a collaboration with Kay Hunt and Margaret Harrison that grew out of the Artist UnionÕs WomenÕs Workshop





 Women and Work, Timecards

The exhibition consists of black and white photographs, charts, tables, photocopied documents, film loops, and audio tapes.



Women and Work, Daily Schedules

Women and Work investigated the different effects BritainÕs Equal Pay Act of 1970 had upon the women and men working in a London factory




Women and Work, Portraits



Nightcleaners, 90 minute film,1970-75

Nightcleaners, a part of the Women and Work exhibit, was filmed from 1970-1975, and details the campaign to unionize women working as cleaners in British office buildings.


Women and Work

In Women and Work, Kelly introduced several strategies that she refined her later works. Rather than depicting images of her subject, she presents a range of materials with which viewers must interact in order to construct the ÒpictureÓ for themselves.