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VO = voice over. SUPER = super-imposed copy on screen. all IMAGERY is ready for download.

MUSIC: NEED NEW MUSIC - classical from jessica (X:XX)

SUPER: Interim, 1984-85

SUPER: Interim, 1984-85

VO: Mary Kelly's next major show, Interim was shown in various places such as the Fruitmarket Gallery, Glasgow, the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

SUPER: Interim, Pecunia

VO: Interim provoked controversial debates of age and the visibility of women and their differences, identity, and the role of art in society.

VO: The Interim exhibition consisted of thirty panels arranged in triptychs. It consisted of four parts, each devoted to a pertinent viewpoint of feminist discourse:

[*** images from each part scrolling down and fading into each other ***]

SUPER: Interim, Part I, Corpus

VO: Corpus (body)

[*** images from each part scrolling down and fading into each other ***]

SUPER: Interim, Part II, Pecunia

VO: Pecunia (money)

[no scrolling]

SUPER: Interim, Part III, Historia

VO: Historia (history)

SUPER: Interim, Part IV, Potestas

VO: and Postestas (power).

SUPER: Interim, Corpus

VO: Kelly created effects of displacement by taking stories of women's identification and transferring them to an article of clothing.  Kelly's narrative tells that the black leather jacket is the prop or armor, worn by a woman in an attempt to signify "professional artist."

SUPER: Interim, Potestas

VO: In addition, each image is accompanied by a text, which is a compilation of conversations with women who are listened to rather than looked at (as in "the talking cure" of psychoanalysis).

SUPER: "I want to emphasize the project nature of it: the ideas. It's not about style. I want the visual effect to be cumulative, a delayed but significant insight rather than the instant recognition of forms" -Mary Kelly