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VO = voice over. SUPER = super-imposed copy on screen. all IMAGERY is ready for download.

MUSIC: Rebel Heart (X:XX)

SUPER: Love Songs, 2005-07

VO: Love Songs is another of Kelly's large-scale narrative installations, incorporating film and photographs in which young artists and performers re-stage classic images from the 1970s.


SUPER: Love Songs, Flashing Nipple Remix

VO: "Flashing Nipple Remix" is a series of black and white transparencies in light boxes, representing the 1970 Women's Liberation demonstration marking the 50th anniversary of the 19th Amendment which prohibits each of the states and federal government from denying any citizen the right to vote because of the citizen's sex.  Kelly lengthened her camera's exposure each time the women moved; figures devolve from one photo to the next until they appear as clusters of lights, like fireworks in miniature. 

SUPER: Love Songs, Installation shot, 2005

VO: Love Songs symbolizes what Kelly feels about the women's movement. In a way she is trying to re-create history, capturing events that affected two generations of women & sexual politics. 

VO: Kelly's exhibition treated the political event of feminism as also a personal one, an amorous passion, giving new meaning to the slogan of the Women's Liberation Movement, "the personal is political." This slogan challenged both mainstream and traditional critical conceptions of the public sphere, conceptions that draw a rigid divide between public/political and private/nonpolitical space.

SUPER: Love Songs, Sisterhood is POW...

VO: In "Sisterhood Is POW..." installed along three walls of the main gallery are 36 black panels, connected by a line of illuminated text. The panels contained the recollections of older feminists, whom Kelly had asked to describe their initial responses to the Women's Liberation Movement. The most common answers, once again written in light, a form that matched their thematic content, characterized feminism as an event that

[text white on black screen]

SUPER: "seemed right"

VO: seemed right

[text white on black screen]

SUPER: "just made sense"

VO: just made sense

[text white on black screen]

SUPER: "like a lightning bolt!"

VO: like a lightning bolt!


SUPER: Multi-Story House, a narrative reflecting on feminism, was commissioned for Documenta XII.

SUPER: Since 1996, Kelly has been Professor of Art and Critical Theory Art in the School of Art and Architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles.



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Music Credits (in order)

Artist, Song Title, Album

Carol Woods & Timothy T. Mitchum, Let It Be, Across the Universe Soundtrack
Bjork, Human Behavior, Greatest Hits
Goot, I love Your Existence (Acoustic), Demo
Uri Brener, Comptine d'un Autre Ete L'Apres Midi, A Walk
( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ )
Amelia Curran, All The Ladies, War Brides
St. Vincent, We Put A Pearl In The Ground, Marry Me
( _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ )
The Corrs, Rebel Heart, In Blue